Man Beaten With Own Leg by Leg-Wielding Girlfriend

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Is domestic violence ever funny? No, of course not.

With the single possible exception of when all the following criteria are met:

  • It happens to someone else, and
  • It involves a man being beaten by a woman, and
  • She beats him with his own prosthetic leg, and
  • The leg is a spare one, so he can still flee and thus avoid serious injury.

Otherwise, never.

Police in Midland, Michigan, were called about a domestic disturbance on August 3, 2005. The victim, who wears a prosthetic leg, reported that he and his girlfriend had been drinking beer and began arguing about an incident that had occurred four years ago. The argument escalated, and eventually the woman seized the man's spare leg and began to beat him with it.

The relatively good news was that the spare was an older wooden model, not the modern titanium leg that the man was actually wearing. Also, since he was wearing the other leg, he was able to flee to the front yard, although he was still flight-impaired and so the woman was able to pursue and continue to beat him. She fled, with the leg, after a witness called police. The woman was later arrested and charged with larceny (for stealing the leg) and assault with a dangerous weapon (for wielding it).

As of press time, the leg had not been recovered.

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