Cuddling Ticket Overturned

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A diligent sheriff’s deputy in Oregon gave Faith Miller a ticket in February for sitting next to her husband while he was driving.  Because they own a "spacious 1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue," she has to sit in the middle of the front seat instead of by the door if she wants to "cuddle" or "snuggle up," as the activity was variously described by the Associated Press.  But that means that she cannot wear the car’s shoulder harness, which is what bothered Deputy Darren Broome.

Deputy Darren had given the Millers a warning last summer about the same practice, which Faith Miller readily admitted she disregarded.  But the deputy remembered them when he pulled them over again in February, and this time he wrote her up for a $97 ticket.  "Now I’m stuck way over by the window," she lamented, "and can barely even reach my husband."

After doing some research, though, Miller found no provision in Oregon law that actually required adults to wear a shoulder harness.  A statute does require it for children, but not adults.  The sheriff’s office agreed with her interpretation of the law and voided the ticket, bringing an end to the month-long non-cuddling ordeal.

AP via My Way News