Saddam Unhappy with Legal Team; Fires 1,499 of Them

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The AP reported this week that Saddam Hussein, facing charges for genocide, murder, torture, and a shitload of unpaid parking tickets, has fired everyone on his legal defense team except for one attorney, Khalil al-Dulaimi. Evidently, that means Khalil will now be doing all the work previously done by 1,500 attorneys.

I had not realized Saddam had a 1,500-member legal team, but that’s what the AP reported. Seems like a lot. The team was made up of attorneys from both Arab and Western nations, and included specialists in Iraqi and international law. But Saddam and his family (who made the announcement in Jordan) have decided that he does not need any international lawyers or advisers and that they were planning to “rearrange the legal defense campaign.” Saddam confirmed this to the Iraqi Special Tribunal on Monday.

Saddam Indicates Number of Lawyers Required for His Defense

Neither Saddam nor his family have specified what, if anything, the 1,500 attorneys had done wrong. The good news is that for those of you who may be facing genocide charges, there should be plenty of specialists in that field looking for work right now.

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