From the Docket: Satan’s Employees, Dangerous Doors

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These are third-party summaries of a couple of cases filed recently in San Francisco Superior Court.

This first one seems to involve a party admission of the kind you just don't get that often:

Rabbi ______ v. Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel, No. CGC-10-503909 (San Francisco Super. Ct. filed Sept. 22, 2010)

Complaint for civil rights, negligence and intentional tort. The defendant's manager and doorman both refused to discipline a paying guest who became mad and shoved the plaintiff when the plaintiff told the man that the man's wife had carelessly discarded of a lit cigarette. However, the defendant's security guard agreed with the plaintiff that not disciplining the man just because he was a paying guest means the defendant's employees had "sold their souls to Satan."

A damning admission — literally — but don't bother to try bringing Satan in as a deep pocket.

And then this one appears to be a cautionary tale about the hidden dangers of shopping:

Rosamaria Romo ______ v. Neiman Marcus Holdings Inc. dba Neiman Marcus, No. CGC-10-502441 (San Francisco Super. Ct. filed Aug. 10, 2010).

Premises liability lawsuit. The plaintiff walked directly into the defendant's revolving glass door, fell backward and was injured as the door continued to revolve.

I assume discovery will be required in order to nail down just what Neiman Marcus did wrong there. Maybe a clearly posted warning, or instructions, should have been provided? Time will tell.