DNA Links Dog to Cat Murder

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Marylin Christian found her cat Cody dead in her front yard last summer, apparently the victim of an attack by another animal.  She suspected her neighbors’ dog, Lucky, but officials investigating the murder were unable to make a case because there were no witnesses to the crime.  (I guess motive was clear, at least.)

Unwilling to leave a killer at large, Christian decided to try DNA analysis.  The neighbors, who apparently do not watch enough "Law & Order," cooperated by providing hair and saliva samples from the accused.  A lab found a match between that DNA and the DNA found on the victim’s body.

Based on that evidence, she asked the county to declare Lucky a dangerous dog, which would have carried consequences including requiring the neighbors to buy $50,000 in liability insurance.  County officials, however, have refused to accept the test results (the article did not say why) and again declined to arrest the suspect without any witnesses.

Another killer walking the streets because of bureaucracy.

AP via MyWay.com