Anna Nicole Smith Case Used as Teaching Tool

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It appears unavoidable that Anna Nicole Smith’s real fame now will not be for being naked, but for providing a case example, or series of examples, that will help alleviate the soul-crushing boredom of law-school classes on wills and trusts.

I have to admit that I didn’t mind that class.  I just like the phrase "soul-crushing boredom."

Jessica Gresko of the Associated Press writes this week about the fact that Smith’s story was already featured in some textbooks even when it was just a feud with J. Howard Marshall’s family over his massive estate.  "One poorly drafted will and a court dispute over her body later," though, students are now more interested than ever.  It apparently generates many questions for G. Eric Brunstad Jr., who represents Marshall’s family and also teaches at Yale, although not wills and trusts.  "Can you tell us about who is going to get the body?" he says they are prone to ask.  I don’t remember that being on the bar exam.

At this point, I am going to go ahead and declare victory in the readers’ poll of who they believe is the real father of Smith’s baby.  I got 25.4 percent of the vote, though I apparently would have lost to Larry Birkhead except that he split the second-place vote with Superstars of the Mexican Wrestling Federation.  Alexander Denk can probably fold up his tent — I think he may have voted for himself — since six times as many votes went to Urkel.  Thanks to everyone who voted.  I’ll be sending 25.4 percent of you affidavits shortly to support my claim to paternity of the $500 million — I mean, little Dannielynn.

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