Broker, Employer Battle over Reasons for Firing

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Jim Whitehouse is suing his former employer, RBC Dominion Securities, for wrongful dismissal.  He was fired in early 2004 but the parties dispute the reason for the firing.

Whitehouse testified that he felt it was due to friction over his unique business model and investment style, which focused on bonds and did not include nearly as many stocks as other brokers did.  He also felt that his reluctance to adopt annual payment fees instead of being paid by the transaction was causing a conflict with his manager.

RBC says it was because he brought prostitutes to the office.

Whitehouse had earned (1) an average of $362,000 a year in commissions and (2) a reputation as someone who brought prostitutes to the office, during his last five years with the firm.  RBC officials testified that he was let go two days after it was discovered that he had brought a prostitute into the company’s downtown office, and left her alone for some period of time in a secure area.

Whitehouse said he had long felt "unappreciated" at work.

Calgary Herald