REPORT: Government Covering Up Truth About 9/11, According to Charlie Sheen

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Continuing its recent tradition of crack reporting on the issues of the day, CNN's Headline News is running a segment on allegations that the government has covered up the actual events of 9/11. Its inside source: Charlie Sheen.

On Friday's show:

The response to Charlie Sheen's charges of a government cover up on what really happened on 9/11. Find out who's praising him for speaking up.

You'd think they would go to a real expert, like Sean Penn or maybe Martin Sheen. At least Martin Sheen played the President on TV.

CNN is also running a "Quickvote" web poll as to whether visitors "agree with Charlie Sheen that the U.S. government covered up the real events of the 9/11 attacks." At the time I wrote this, almost 23,000 people had responded. Eighty-two percent of them did in fact agree with Charlie Sheen.