Couple Sues for $20 Million Due to Bedbug Bites

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Leslie Fox and Stephen Cohen have sued the owners of the Nevele Hotel in the Catskills for $20 million in damages allegedly caused by bites from a bedbug infestation when they stayed at the hotel in early July.

While I do not question that insect bites could cause damages, I do somewhat question whether they could cause $20 million in damages.  But Fox alleges that her "body and mind were scarred" by the bedbug assault, so at this stage we have to assume there was some pretty extensive mental scarring.

Oddly, the hotel’s lawyer also question the amount.  He also noted that the couple stayed there again during the last week of the month, suggesting that the willingness to return despite the earlier scarring did not "substantiate" the claim.

AP via My Way News