Dodgeball Game Leads to Assault Charges

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Not stemming from dodgeball impact, either.

From my original home zone of the Midwest comes this story of dodgeball gone wrong.  A humble game of dodgeball at Crescent Lake Christian Academy in Liberty, Missouri, turned ugly in February when one of the 16-year-old participants hit his 27-year-old youth minister in the head with a ball.  His first throw at David Boudreaux missed, but the second hit his face and knocked off his glasses.

Turn the other cheek?  Oh, no.

Boudreaux went after the boy, who apologized, but Boudreaux knocked him down and, when he got up, kicked him in the groin just to drive the lesson home.  Boudreaux has since apologized, but was still charged Wednesday with one count of third-degree assault.  He has been placed on administrative leave and likely will not be ministering in high-impact situations anytime soon.

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