Pimp Sues Customers For Engaging in Illegal Activity

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A Dutch man who formerly lived in Florida, but was deported after being charged with running one of the largest escort services in the Southeast, has sued six of his former customers for breaking the law while being "escorted."  By his girls.

Arthur Vanmoor, who also served 18 months in Florida prison after being convicted on racketeering charges, alleges that his arrest and incarceration were the customers’ fault.  According to Vanmoor’s attorney, each of the men signed a credit-card slip clearly stating that the transaction was "not for illegal activity."  Had they informed him that they had engaged in such illegal activity during the escortation, "he could have refunded the credit card charges as an act of withdrawal, abandonment, or renunciation," apparently an argument that he could have avoided conspiracy charges had the men only told him the truth.  He was evidently astonished to find out about the illegal goings-on.

The fact that the men were paying $245 per hour to be escorted does not seem to have clued him in to the possibility of shenanigans.  Nor is it likely to help Vanmoor’s case that the criminal investigation found that he used aliases including "Arthur Funmore" and, more to the point, "Big Pimpin’ Pappy."  He also refers to himself on one hidden-camera tape as a "streetwise pimp."

Police say Vanmoor reported income of $6.2 million over four years from the escort business, but believe that he earned much more.  His attorney said last month that he "believes" his client is still in the Netherlands.

ABC Action News — St. Petersburg