Man Seeks Damages for Damage Caused by Man

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Curtis and Rhonda Gokey, of Lodi, California, have both filed claims against the city for damage to their vehicle caused when one of the city’s dump trucks backed into it. Driving the dump truck: Curtis Gokey.

Gokey filed a $3600 claim even though he admitted the crash was entirely his fault. There was no evidence it was intentional, however, but the city took the position that because Gokey’s own negligence caused the damages, he had effectively filed a claim against himself.

After the city denied the claim, Rhonda filed her own lawsuit. The city’s attorney said it would be denying that one too, arguing that under California law the car is community property and so the legal analysis is the same.

Her claim was for a larger amount ($4800) because, she says, “I’m not as nice as my husband is.”

Update: The city did in fact deny Rhonda Gokey’s claim as well. Neither Gokey seems to have appealed.