Village Policeman Charged With Corruption

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Victor Willis, the highest-ranking member of the Village People, has been re-arrested after attempting to flee from gun and drug charges against him in San Mateo County, California.

Ironically, he was the policeman.

Willis, who was the co-author of such hits as "In the Navy" and "YMCA," has apparently been in trouble numerous times in recent years.  He had agreed to a plea deal on the earlier charges that would have led to a maximum of 16 months in jail.  He later disappeared, only to be re-arrested this past weekend.  The attempted flight means that he now may face a sentence of more than five years in jail.

The construction worker, cowboy, and biker could not be reached for comment.

Not sure what point Reuters News was trying to make with this quote, from Morley Pitt, the assistant D.A.: "’It’s just sad that his life has spiraled down to the point where in all likelihood he’s going to go to prison,’ Pitt, who said he enjoys the song ‘YMCA,‘ told Reuters."  Nice touch, reporter.

I guess a D.A.’s got to do his duty, even if the accused did co-write one of the cheeriest pop tunes (and gay anthems) ever recorded.