Judge in Philippines Discriminated Against for Being Psychic

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The persecution of the psychically gifted continues.  Judge Florentino Floro, who until recently presided over a jurisdiction in suburban Manila, was removed from the bench on "administrative grounds" because of prejudice against those who have the ability to see the future and conduct supernatural healing sessions in chambers.  Judge Floro also apparently started each court day with a reading from the Book of Revelations, which is just the kind of thing you want to hear before trying to plead down a traffic ticket.

Judge Floro also said he had made a covenant with "dwarf friends" — who hasn’t? — and claimed a variety of other supernatural abilities.

The country’s Supreme Court ruled that, assuming for the sake of argument that psychic phenomena did exist, they had "no place in a judiciary duty-bound to apply
only positive law."  The court stressed that Floro was not guilty of any misconduct or corruption, but found that he did have "mental problems" that rendered him "unfit for the delicate task of dispensing justice."  For now, maybe, Supreme Court, but when the moon turns blood-red and the Beast with ten heads and seven horns reveals itself, then you guys are really up shit creek without Floro around, that’s all I can say.

Link: IOL (South Africa)