Legal Battle Between Dwarf Tribute Bands is Looming

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Lawyers for Joey Fatale, "the 4-foot, 4-inch New Yorker who heads the all-dwarf KISS tribute band MiniKiss" — that’s a quote — sent a cease-and-desist letter to a rival band leader who Fatale accuses of stealing his idea.  His idea for an all-dwarf KISS tribute band.  Say it with me: "all-dwarf KISS tribute band," and wonder why you didn’t think of that before now.

Fatale accuses former MiniKiss drummer "Little Tim" Loomis, who at 4 feet zero inches is in fact littler than Big Joey, of leaving MiniKiss to form Tiny Kiss, also a dwarf KISS tribute band.  According to the Los Angeles Times, Tiny Kiss includes "three little people and a 350-pound woman," so it may be a slightly different concept.  But Joey is still pissed.

He is denying reports that he tried to sneak past security last month at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas in order to confront Loomis.  According to a representative, Fatale tried to sneak in posing as a member of Tiny Kiss, but was found out and was escorted from the premises.  Loomis gloated about the opposing dwarf’s eviction: "He came out here and tried to cause trouble, so I had him 86ed from the Hard Rock.  The impression I got was that he was looking for a fight."

Fatale did not deny going to the Hard Rock, but disputed the details.  "This whole thing about me going to the Hard Rock with my gang — that didn’t happen," he said.  He claimed he went there sans gang, because he had heard that Tiny Kiss was playing and simply wanted to "approach them as a gentleman."

The MiniKiss website has a number of poor-quality pictures of the band in concert and posing with various celebrities ranging from Chris Rock down to Vanilla Ice.

Link: Los Angeles Times