Driver Labeled as “Dangerous” Simply Because He Has No Arms

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A policeman in New Zealand testified yesterday that he had cited Colin Smith for "driving in a manner likely to be dangerous to the public" after he stopped Smith for speeding and then happened to notice that Mr. Smith had no arms.

He said that the seat was reclined and that Smith appeared to have been using one foot to steer and the other to work both pedals.  (It seems Smith’s car has an automatic transmission, which is probably a good thing.)  Smith apparently did not deny that he had not been using arms to operate his vehicle, but said he did intend to defend himself against the charges that he was dangerous because of it.  He said he had been driving for years without arms and had never had an accident.

A win by Smith would set an important precedent for the semilimbed as well as those who just like to drive with their feet.

Link: AP via My Way News