Judge’s Mystic Dwarf Friends Identified

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I previously reported on Judge Florentino Floro, a judge in the Philippines who was removed from the bench recently for acts as innocuous as fortune-telling, faith healing in chambers, and beginning each court session with a cheery reading from the Book of Revelations.  He also said he had made a covenant with "dwarf friends," but little was known about these friends until this week.

Floro was back in the news because he is appealing the ruling by the country’s Supreme Court removing him from office.  The grounds are discrimination against people who tell fortunes, heal people, read from Revelations and make covenants with mystic dwarfs.  (Also, he "criticized court procedure," probably the last straw.)  "They should not have dismissed me for what I believed," Floro told reporters after filing his appeal.

According to the court, it did not dismiss him for what he believed, it dismissed him for believing something that was nutty.  A court-appointed expert found that Floro was suffering from psychosis and the court agreed, partly because of the above and also because of new revelations about the role of the "mystic dwarfs."  Of which there were three, named "Armand," "Luis" and "Angel."  Their end of the covenant was apparently to help Floro conduct his healing sessions, because as you know faith healing is way more difficult without a mystic dwarf or two around.

Experts predict that Floro’s appeal will be granted never.

Link: Reuters.com.