You Thought Things Were Bad Before

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A man in Germany trying to end it all just made it even worse for himself when he miscalculated his jump.  He meant to jump under a train, but timed his jump too late and so he instead crashed through the side window of the driver’s cabin.

Now he has to pay to have the train fixed.

Also, although the man himself apparently was not seriously wounded, he did scare the hell out of the driver, who subsequently suffered from post-traumatic stress and was unable to work for weeks.  On Tuesday, a court in Munich ruled that although the jumper had not committed any crime, under the German civil code he was responsible for half of the driver’s lost wages and half the damages to the train.

Hopefully this means the guy has changed his mind about jumping in the first place, and so will still be around to earn the money to pay the damages.  I guess the court is trying to send the message, "you shouldn’t have jumped, but if you must jump, jump sooner."

Link: Reuters News via My