Please Advise at Your Earliest Convenience Whether You Would Like to Super-Size Your Allegations

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That's just one of the many possible headlines for an item about a law firm that has opened a drive-thru window.

The Kocian Law Group, a personal-injury law firm with offices in Connecticut and New York, opened the new office in Manchester, Connecticut, in a building that formerly housed a Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant. According to the report, the building no longer resembles a Roasters in any way apart from the drive-thru window that remains on one side and is now staffed by a paralegal rather than somebody in a paper hat.


Nick Kocian emphasized that the drive-thru is intended only as a convenient way for the firm's clients, some of whom are disabled, to drop off and pick up documents. He said that any actual consultations or meetings would be held indoors in an actual office.

So there, NBC commenter who suggested that "Now the ambulance can stop here on the way to the hospital." Although that would theoretically be possible.