“Parent of the Year” Committee Plans Background Checks in the Future

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The Parent’s Day Council of South Carolina, which is affiliated with the Washington D.C.-based American Family Coalition (did you know your family was part of a coalition? bet you didn’t), said that it would implement background checks in the future after discovering that its newly crowned "Father of the Year" was on probation for arson, assault and battery, and attempted criminal sexual conduct.  Oh, also, obstruction-of-justice charges are pending against him based on allegations that he tried to convince a witness to lie for him during the arson investigation.

I bet he goes to every single one of his kids’ sporting events, though.

Nabil Khalil and his wife were recognized by the state’s Parents’ Day Council last week as the top parents in the area.  The PDC’s state director for South Carolina, Tim Murphy, said the Khalils had been nominated by a friend and beat out four other couples for the honor.  Asked what he had done to check their credentials, Murphy said he had lunch with the couple and then talked with their friends and clergy who knew them.  "Everything I heard was positive," Murphy said, omitting the fact that at least some of what he didn’t hear was really negative.  "They seemed like good people."  All you gotta do is look into someone’s eyes.  That’s how our president got his insight into Vladimir Putin’s soul, and that ain’t steered him wrong yet.

The Khalils had been honored with a ceremony on Sunday in which they received a plaque, letters from local politicians, and a commendation from President Bush.  (Murphy had told him it was a "slam-dunk.")  All are being returned by the Khalils, who say that the Father-of-the-Year-elect is innocent, but doesn’t need the "headache."

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