Woman Armed with Gucci Bag Removed from Flight

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A spokesman for Cathay Pacific Airlines said they had to call the Hong Kong police to remove a woman from a Tokyo-bound airliner on Monday.  The woman, who was carrying a luxury Gucci handbag, repeatedly refused all requests to put the expensive bag under the seat in front of her or in the luggage compartment.  The flight was delayed for over an hour as she argued with the cabin crew and airport authorities.

The article did not say why the woman refused to stow the bag, although we can probably all guess something in the right ballpark.  Nor did it say whether the woman’s four friends (who all had to disembark with her) supported her decision to stand firm.  It did say that when they were escorted off the plane, there was much applause.

The woman later apologized and the five of them were put on a later flight to Tokyo.  No incidents were reported on that flight.

Link: Reuters via My Way News