Rejected Democrat Has Choice Words for Party Leaders

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In May, the Democratic Party chose not to nominate anyone to run against GOP Rep. Eric Cantor for his seat in the 7th Congressional District in Virginia, rather than nominate Brad Blanton, who I guess was the only person who had put his name forward.

The Democrats seem to have had two primary reasons for doing this.  First, Blanton lost to Cantor two years ago, when Blanton was running as an independent, and Blanton received only 25 percent of the vote.  Second, Blanton is a psychotherapist who conducts group sessions in the nude (everyone, not just him).  In California, that just might get you elected.  In Virginia, it just might get you arrested.

Blanton did not take the news well, sending an angry email to the local Democratic party leaders, telling them to "Kiss my ass."  "If that is not clear enough for you," he continued, "call me and I’ll tell you in person."  Blanton did not suggest what might have been unclear about it that might have prompted a personal call.

Reached for comment, Henrico County Democratic chairman Tim Mitchell said that the incident "proves that the Democratic Party and the process we use works well."  Yes, hatred between party leadership and the only potential nominee, resulting in no opposition at all to the Republican candidate, absolutely proves that everything is on track for you guys.  Well done.

Blanton also threatened in his email to run as an independent, "attacking Democrats and Republicans alike."  Fine — just wear pants.  Please?

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