“Holy Grail” + LSD + Off-Duty Cop = Jail

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Two Boulder teenagers, Robert Hibbs and Brad Boville, were arrested on July 6, 2006, for "menacing" people and possessing LSD and marijuana.  Probably they had done more than just "possess" it, I would guess.

That's because they had taken up a position blocking a bridge in a city park, and were demanding money from people trying to cross.  Witnesses said the teens were shouting lines from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," mostly lines from the scene where the Black Knight tells King Arthur, "You shall not pass!" and then gets all his limbs cut off:

One of the teens may have had a knife, which makes it slightly less comical, but one of the people they tried to get money from was an off-duty policeman, which raises the comedy level quite a bit.  Sergeant Kevin Parker refused to pay the one-dollar toll, causing Hibbs to tell Boville to "go stab that guy" (which is not a line from the movie).  It is not clear whether Boville actually had a knife, but he did charge the officer, which led to the arrest of both.

The teens allegedly told police that the activity was designed to raise money to buy a lighter so they could smoke a "very large" joint made out of dollar bills.

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