British Motorist Blows Up Wrong Part of Camera

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Craig Moore of Manchester, England, seems to have realized right away that he had probably been caught speeding by a "road safety camera," which British authorities have installed to catch violators or, some allege, just to collect fines.  But he did not know too much about how the things actually work.

So when he went back to blow up the camera, he didn’t realize that the recording equipment safely stored in the base of the unit would not only still have the pictures of him speeding, but also the pictures of him coming back to blow it up.  He was convicted of vandalism or something like that and was sentenced to four months in jail on Wednesday.  On the other hand, his sacrifice has made public the crucial information of where the recording equipment is located.

Paul Smith, founder of the "Safe Speed" group, argued that "speed camera vandalism is reaching epidemic proportions, and the only solution is to scrap cameras."  A compelling argument, indeed, but according to police 70 percent of the public actually thinks the cameras are a good idea.

Link: Reuters via My Way News