Pennsylvania Boy Charged With Repeated Meowing

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Michael Loughner, a 14-year-old boy from Jeannette, Pennsylvania, was charged with harassment in August after a 78-year-old neighbor reported that he had meowed at her.

This brings to one the number of meowing-related incidents in the Pittsburgh area this year.

According to the neighbor, Alexandria Carasia, Loughner has meowed at her every time he has seen her for the last three years.  Loughner admitted he had meowed, but said it was only twice.  There is apparently a history of disputes between the two families, and while the article was not clear as to the reason, it may have had something to do with the Loughners’ cat, which would sort of explain the meowing.

At the hearing on the harassment charges, Loughner’s defense attorney (who probably has dreamed of a case just like this) argued that the case never should have been filed, but the police sided with Carasia.  "He engaged in a conduct repeatedly that serves no legitimate purpose," said Police Sergeant Donald Johnston.  A 14-year-old?  You expect this jury to believe that, sir?  Johnston stuck by his story.  "I don’t feel the victim should have to go through her golden ages [sic] being harassed by the defendant."

Judge Joseph DeMarchis said he will rule on the case in the next 90 days, and that his ruling may depend on how the neighbors get along in the meantime.

Link: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Link: AP via My Way News