Minnesota Charges Wife With Having Sex With Husband

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Minnesota’s Department of Health is prosecuting LaRae Lundeen Fjellman, not for her recklessly unpronounceable name but for something much more serious: having sex with her husband.

Fjellman was cited because she is a massage therapist and her husband, Kirk Fjellman, is a former client.  She massaged him intermittently from October 2000 to May 2002, and (according to them) they started dating in July 2002.  But when they got married (the article uses the phrase "when they consummated the relationship," which I’m sure can only refer to the actual wedding date) a few months later, they "ran afoul" of a state law that bans sexual relations between massage therapists and clients for no less than two years after the massage relationship ends.

Exactly how this came to the attention of the State of Minnesota is not clear.  But the state has filed charges and Fjellman could be fined or could lose her license for daring to sleep with her husband during the first 18 months or so of their marriage.

LaRae Fjellman does not deny that she violated the statute, but says she didn’t know it existed.  Kirk, of course, is outraged:  "There’s no harm, no victim," he claimed.  "What’s this about?"  It’s about protecting the integrity of the massage relationship, Kirk, that’s what it’s about.

Note: the use of the phrase "happy ending" in this piece was carefully considered, and rejected.

Link: AP via My Way News