Defective Hairpiece Blamed for Cardiac Arrest

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Paul Lewis and Paula Wood of Milford, Connecticut, are locked in litigation over a disputed hairpiece that Lewis says gave him a heart attack.

Not directly.  Lewis says that he bought the hairpiece for $1200 from Paula’s Wig Boutique in December 2004, but realized later that it was the wrong color and the wrong size.  Lewis claims he did not realize any of this until later because Wood "sold him the hairpiece in a darkened room."  After he refused to pay, Wood threatened to call the police and filed a small-claims action to get the money.  Lewis alleges that the threat caused him to suffer a heart attack, and he is now counter-suing for $15,000 in toupee-related damages.

Wood says that not only was Lewis happy with the hairpiece at the time, he "hugged me and thanked me" before leaving.

She says her shop is brightly lit.

Link: AP via My Way News