There Can Be Only One! And It Won’t Be The Guy With the Golf Club

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A man was arrested early Wednesday morning in Corona del Mar, California (near Newport Beach), after a fight that, according to the report, "involved a golf club and a sword."

There seem to be many unanswered questions about this fight.

It was described that way in the report because police are apparently still trying to figure out whether this was a fight between a guy with a golf club and a guy with a sword, or a fight between a guy with a golf club and a sword and a guy who should have been running away. I would say it was almost certainly the former, because the unarrested participant was taken to a hospital to have a "minor cut" stitched up, so my guess would be he was the one with the golf club and the other one was the (untalented) sword-user. Police are also still unsure who started the fight, and that could have happened either way although I can tell you who would have finished it.

Also undetermined was the cause of the fight, although a Newport Beach police sergeant said that the men "may have been fighting over a woman," who I assume now is no longer interested in dating either one.

Link: Newport Beach Daily Pilot