Jesus May Not Have the Votes to Become King of Poland

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Lawmakers from Poland’s majority party, Law and Justice, have introduced a bill that would make Jesus Christ the honorary king of Poland, but the bill appeared doomed to defeat, at least without some kind of Christmas miracle.  Only 46 of the 460 members of parliament currently support the bill, while the other 414 would apparently prefer to go straight to hell.

Jesus does appear to have the support of a relatively large number of Law and Justice representatives as well as backing from two smaller parties, the League of Polish Families and the opposition Peasants Party.  One group He does not have the support of, oddly, is the Roman Catholic Church, which it was my understanding He was in charge of.  But the Polish bishops have criticized the Christ-based initiative, saying that it was only "propaganda" and that parliament should stay out of religious affairs.  "Let parliament deal with passing better laws that we need," said Archbishop Tadeusz Goclowski of Gdansk, probably thinking of measures needed to address the desperate shortage of vowels in that consonant-stricken country.

A spokesman for parliamentary speaker Marek Jurek said that the resolution was not likely to be voted on until early next year, which will at least spare the sinners from having to vote against Jesus on His birthday.

Link: Yahoo! News