UPDATE: Larry Birkhead Possibly Father of Anna Nicole Smith’s Child

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Ignoring Lowering the Bar poll results that clearly indicated I was the father of baby Dannielynn, a court in the Bahamas has chosen to believe DNA test results instead which allegedly show that Larry Birkhead is the father.

According to a doctor who performed the test, Birkhead has been confirmed as the father with 99.99 percent certainty.  I am personally very pleased with these results since they indicate that I have not been ruled out as the baby’s father.  A .01 percent chance is more than I originally thought I had.  I will agree to dismiss my claim for .01 percent of a zillion dollars, I can tell you that.

Birkhead’s response to the test results: "I told you so," and a smirk that could be seen from orbit.

Link: CNN.com