Mannequin Enthusiast Still Being Persecuted by Michigan Authorities

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A Detroit man who was only trying to meet a few nice lady mannequins after a lengthy prison stay may actually get life in prison for an attempted breaking-and-entering charge stemming from an incident in October.  Ronald Dotson was arrested after smashing a window at a cleaning-supply company in order to "get at" a female-shaped mannequin dressed as a French maid.

Dotson had been out of prison for less than a week, after finishing a term for a similar offense in 2000 (clothing store, mannequin in a pink dress).  Since he had also been arrested for that in 1993 (clothing store, three lingerie-clad mannequins) and on two other occasions, Dotson now faces a possible life sentence as a repeat offender under Michigan law.  Sure, that seems harsh, but we need to do what is necessary to keep our nation’s mannequins safe.

Link: Yahoo! News