WARNING: “Welsh Dragon Sausages” May Not Contain Real Dragon

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In November, the Trading Standards department for Powys County, Wales, forced a sausage manufacturer to change the label of its "Welsh Dragon"-brand spicy sausage, on the grounds that the label was misleading because the product did not contain real dragon.

It is actually made with pork.

Jon Carthew, owner of the fraudulent sausage maker, Black Mountains Smokery,  said that he had yet to receive any complaints about the absence of real dragon meat in the sausages, and believed that might be an indication that his customers did not think there was dragon meat in the sausages to begin with.  "We use the word because the dragon is synonymous with Wales," he said.  A spokesman for the county council, however, insisted that the product’s label "was not sufficiently precise to inform a purchaser of the true nature of the food."  He later told the BBC that the concern was really that vegetarians might eat the sausages thinking that, because the label featured a fictional beast, there was no meat in the sausages at all, but that is the kind of BS that we have all come to expect from the Trading Standards Department for Powys County, Wales, isn’t it?

The Times story said that the sausages were to be labeled "Welsh Dragon Pork Sausages" to avoid customer confusion, but the company’s website calls them both "Smoked Welsh Dragon Sausage ‘Pork’" and just plain "Smoked Welsh Dragon Sausage."

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