Bar Complaint Charges Judge and Prosecutor With Repeated “Ethical Lapses,” If You Know What I Mean

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The article did not mention the phrase "conflict of interest," but it probably is one if a judge is having an affair with a prosecutor, especially if she also appears before that judge with her clothes on.

A judge in Douglas County, Colorado, has resigned after being accused of having an affair with a prosecutor that seems to have lasted about six months and included numerous in camera hearings.  (Veteran readers will know where to put the air quotes in that sentence.  One has also filed a motion asking me to create a joke using the word "debriefing," and I have taken that under advisement.)  The prosecutor also prosecuted at least two cases before the same judge without disclosing the relationship.  It was later disclosed, likely with a vengeance, by the judge’s wife when she learned about the matter in December.

The disciplinary complaint could result in punishment up to and including disbarment, for, as the complaint puts it, "degrad[ing] the sanctity of the courtroom" on numerous occasions.

Link: Rocky Mountain News