Long-Distance Relationship Made Easier by Multiple Car Thefts

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Love conquers all, or at least the ignition systems of older Toyota Camrys and Nissan Sentras.

Police in Los Angeles say that Antonio Moreno of Inglewood, desperate to see his girlfriend in Santa Barbara and without a car of his own, would borrow other people’s cars to make the trip.  He specialized in the type of borrowing that does not require a return, and borrowed Camrys and Sentras with the help of a "simple device that starts Japanese cars of a certain age."  Moreno made at least thirteen trips to see his girlfriend, which we know because he stole 26 cars to do it.  Police said some cars were stolen in Inglewood and abandoned in Santa Barbara, while some were stolen in Santa Barbara for the return trip.  Moreno was "stealing vehicles to pursue their relationship," a police spokeman said.

But as always, the sacrifices you make for the sake of love turn out to be well worth it.  According to the article, Moreno’s girlfriend "told authorities she had been trying to dump him" anyway.

Link: SignOnSanDiego.com