Colorado Nacho Bandito Tripped Up by Saggy Pants

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The saggy-pants trend is unfortunate for so many reasons, and as we have seen before, one of those reasons is that they can seriously impede a getaway.

The latest burglar to fall (literally) victim to this problem was apprehended on November 30 after he broke into a bar and grill in El Jebel, Colorado, started a fire while trying to make some snacks, and then hung around in the area long enough to be seen on security cameras. He tried to escape but was brought down by his low pants. "His pants were clear down around his knees so he couldn't run real well," said the man who captured the suspect.

Owner Ben Levy said that the burglar had apparently tried to make a large amount of pizza, nachos, or possibly pizza nachos, in the bar's pizza oven, gathering ingredients including onions, cheese, bacon, pepperoni, and no fewer than four bags of tortilla chips. The snack-crafting was put on hold after the chip bags caught on fire, having been left on top of the stove. The burglar helped himself to some cash and other items, which were allegedly found on his person after he lost the struggle with his pants.

According to the report, the suspect was in possession of "a white powdery substance" when he was booked. The substance that may have given him the munchies was, unsurprisingly, not located.