Morrison Pardon Update: Letter to Gov. Crist

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Sent this today to Governor Crist of Florida.  I encourage you all to drop him a line as well.


Dear Governor Crist:

I’m an attorney in San Francisco who does a lot of writing on, let’s say, "unusual" legal issues. I run a website called "Lowering the Bar" and have done a couple of posts now on your consideration of the requests to pardon Jim Morrison for his 1970 conviction. I read yesterday that you were "seriously considering" it and I think that’s great.

While I’m also interested in the story because it’s unusual and entertaining, after looking into it a bit it does seem that there may be a good legal argument in favor of the pardon, and it would certainly make a lot of people happy, including Morrison’s father (who you may know is a retired admiral — I believe he lives here in California) and a legion of Doors fans across the country. (Our office manager here would certainly never forget it. He might even move to Florida just so he could vote for you.)

For what it’s worth, the poll on my own website is running about 85-15 in favor of the pardon.

Governor Pataki is remembered pretty favorably for his posthumous pardon of Lenny Bruce, and I think history would also be kind to you if you granted the pardon to Morrison. Good publicity, benefit to many, and very little cost to the taxpayer — I hope that will all add up to a pardon.

Whatever you decide, thanks for your time and consideration.


Kevin Underhill