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Having finally contracted carpal tunnel syndrome from writing endless legal documents and posts for this blog, in addition to all the browsing and mousing activity that entails, my doctor is insisting that I take a one-week vacation from the keyboard.  Apparently, the treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome involves moderate-to-heavy drinking while dangling my lure over the side of a fishing boat off the coast of Alaska.  I was surprised to learn this, but she’s the doctor.
Since this boat evidently does not carry enough Ethernet cable to reach shore from wherever the hell the
fish are (and for what I’m paying, it should), I’ll be disconnected from the Internet for about a week.  I don’t really remember what things were like before the Internet, although I vaguely remember a time of chaos, burning cities, cannibalism, and the need to get pornography through the mail.  But I think I can survive for one week.  Assuming the boat is not rammed and sunk by Ye Whale or beset by some other spawn of the deep, posting should resume on June 21.

Thanks again for reading.  I’ll send each of you a halibut when I get back.*

*Disclaimer:  No I won’t.