Latest “Shaming” Punishment Involves Chicken-Suit Perp Walk

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A judge in Painesville, Ohio, has agreed to suspend a jail sentence for men who pleaded guilty to solicitation, in exchange for their agreement to spend three hours walking around outside in a chicken suit.

The men also agreed to carry signs that read, "No Chicken Ranch in Our City," referring to the (in)famous "Chicken Ranch" brothel in Nevada.  The signs were printed in both English and Spanish (No Gallinero en Nuestro Ciudad) to encourage bilingual scorn.  The judge in question is apparently known for creative sentences, many of which, according to the report, "involve barnyard animals."

The video clip is worth watching especially for the all-too-brief "interview" with one of the chicken men, who helpfully confirms on-camera that yes, the sentence is in fact "very embarrassing."  Embarrassment level enhanced by the TV station's decision to show the name of the man inside the suit while he (foolishly) gave them a quote.

How many times to I have to say it, people?  Do not talk to the media while wearing a costume.

Link: AP via Yahoo! News (video)
Link: AP Odd News Video Page