Busy Bank Robbers Call Ahead, Place Order to Go

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Much criminal stupidity (on the part of criminals, or otherwise) has graced the pages of this blog, and I am really not one to pick a single favorite or rank anything number one in any category, but I am pretty sure that if I put together a top-ten list of stupid criminal acts, this would be on it.

Police in Fairfield, Connecticut, reported yesterday that two men were arrested for attempting to rob a bank there.  This was likely one of their easier cases to crack, because the men had called ahead to ask that employees have a bag of money ready for them because they were on their way over for a robbery.  Albert Bailey and an unidentified 16-year-old friend asked for $100,000 to go, and specifically asked to have "no dye packs in the bag."  (Special orders probably take longer.)  The employees got a bag ready, and threw in a call to the authorities for no extra charge.

True to their word, the two showed up about ten minutes later, unknowingly under the gaze of the local constables.  Bailey apparently sent the boy in to pick up the cash, and when he came out and tried to get back into the car, police made the arrest.

The Connecticut Post provided a quote from Sgt. James Perez, who unnecessarily described the suspects as "not too bright."  He also said that while the robbers got what they ordered, they "didn't expect police to be in the take-out line."

Link: AP via FindLaw
Link: Connecticut Post