“Duct Tape Bandit” Apprehended Immediately

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Possibly inspired by (but far less successful than) last month's "Tree Bandit," who also employed duct tape but only to attach his foliage, a Kentucky man tried to rob a liquor store last Friday after first wrapping his entire head in the stuff.

Kasey G. Kazee, 24, of Ashland, Kentucky, is now accused of being the "Duct Tape Bandit," although theDuct_tape_bandit_2 embarrassment factor there is probably not much greater than the name he started out with.  He walked into Shamrock Liquors on Friday with a duct-tape disguise, but apparently without a weapon.  I infer that from the fact that he was quickly beaten into submission by store employees, one of whom, ironically, wielded a wooden club also wrapped in duct tape.  Kazee tried to flee but another employee and a customer tackled him in the parking lot and held him until police arrived.  Unfortunately for the Bandit, someone also arrived with a camera.

Kazee, in yet another ill-advised accused-criminal interview with a TV reporter, has denied that he was the Bandit, but while he was relatively fully wrapped, he is probably still identifiable.  He does not seem to have explained why he did not choose to wear a ski mask rather than fabricating one out of duct tape, ski masks being just as effective and significantly easier (and less painful) to remove, or whether he thought it was worth it for the two rolls of change that he nearly escaped with.

Link: CBS News