Man May Lose Car For Second DWIB: Driving While Intoxicated and Blind

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Police in Tartu, Estonia, said that a driver they arrested on Saturday may face jail time and the loss of his vehicle because he is a repeat offender.  Police first arrested the 20-year-old man a week ago.  The article did not say why they pulled him over in the first place, but some kind of moving violation seems likely because the man is blind.

The same man was caught behind the wheel of a car again on Saturday.  Not only had he not learned anything from the first arrest, this time he was also drunk.  Actually, I take that back — maybe he had learned something, because according to a police spokesperson, this time "[t]here were three people in the car with him giving him instructions."  Good work.  If you must drive drunk and blind, people, at least have someone with you to tell you when to turn.

Seriously, if you’re so drunk that it makes sense for the blind guy to be the designated driver, you’re in no condition to be giving instructions, either.

Link: Reuters