Law School Documentary to Tell Story of Oklahoma Students

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The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog reports today on a documentary called "The Trials of Law School" that has recently been completed and will be released later this year.  The film follows eight students at the University of Oklahoma as they enjoy all the delights that law school has to offer.

Trials_of_law_schoolThe film was made by Porter Heath Morgan IV, who was a student at Oklahoma’s law school when he shot the footage but who apparently went to law school for the purpose of making the film.  Morgan told the WSJ that he wanted to get a law degree to stand out from other filmmakers when marketing his film to producers, and "naively thought it wasn’t going to be that hard."  That’s what I thought after I went to film school hoping to later stand out from other potential associates when marketing myself to law firms.  Turns out they don’t just hand over the degree.  They really ought to tell you that on their website.

The film will be screened this fall for incoming law students at various schools (where it may have a sort of "Blair Witch Project" effect), and has been entered in a Dallas film festival.  If it does well there, who knows?  For now, though, it’s going straight to DVD, where it may ultimately appear in the same rack with my planned production of the film version of "Law School Musical."  I think it will be a big hit.

The WSJ post has a link to the trailer for the film.

Link: WSJ Law Blog
Link: The Trials of Law School (official site)