Blog Tracks Employment-Law Violations at Dunder-Mifflin

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Employment lawyers and fans of "The Office" (among others) will enjoy "That’s What She Said," a blog by Julie Elgar at Ford & Harrison, an Atlanta-based labor and employment law firm.  Julie watches "The Office" and then posts an evaluation of what Dunder-Mifflin management did wrong in each episode (so there is no shortage of material).  She also estimates the total "litigation value" of each episode based on those errors.

For example, Friday’s episode involved (1) a manager running over an employee with a company car on company property, with a subsequent use by said manager of the word "negligence," and (2) management calling a meeting for the express purposes of discussing employees’ religious beliefs (there seems to have been some concern that the office might be "cursed").

Litigation value, Episode One: $450,000 (depending on the extent of medical bills).

Link:  That’s What She Said
Link:  Ford & Harrison LLP