Tax Day

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On top of everything else, Monday was tax day, and while we were just reminded that tax gripes are relatively minor in the scheme of things, of course, that doesn't mean we should stop griping entirely.

If you failed to file a return, be aware that you may suffer from a condition known as "Late-Filing Syndrome" or "LFS," a medical problem that can affect a taxpayer's ability to file tax returns on time (or at all). Consult your doctor and tax lawyer to be sure that you and your bank account are healthy enough for tax-filing activity before attempting to engage in it.

The main reason for this post, however, is to ask that if you ran afoul of some odd regulation this time around, or were able to take advantage of one and it's sufficiently weird, or if you just know of one for whatever reason, please bring it to my attention for possible inclusion in the ongoing Odd Law Project, which is rapidly being bookified.

We are all aware, of course, that certain whaling captains can deduct their expenses, that men who paid for sex cannot (at least not without receipts), that witchcraft is a taxable profession in Romania, as is lap dancing in New York, and that "necessary expenses incurred as a [Playboy] Bunny" are deductable, or at least they were in 1968.

If you find a weird one, though, please let me know about it.