Judge In $54 Million Pants Case Soon to Be Former Judge in $54 Million Pants Case

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Sources report that the D.C. Commission on Selection and Tenure of Administrative Law Judges has voted not to reappoint Roy Pearson for another term as an administrative law judge.

Roy Pearson, Pants Judge No More Pearson caused both outrage and (among amateur legal humorists) delight by suing his local dry cleaners for $65 million dollars in a claim based on a pair of lost pants and a "Satisfaction Guaranteed" sign.  (Pearson later said he would not claim damages for the pants, which reduced the stated value of his claim to only $54 million.)  Pearson lost, but is appealing.  The dry cleaners has since closed.

The commission members declined to comment after their 90-minute meeting on Monday, but sources "who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the case" confirmed that the vote had gone against Pearson.  The decision is not final until the commission drafts a letter formally notifying Pearson, a letter that sources said might go out early next week.

Pearson, of course, can be expected to appeal an adverse decision.  That case would likely be consolidated in the D.C. Court of Appeals with Pearson’s appeal of his loss in the dry-cleaning case.

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