Laptop Miraculously Disappears During Prayer Session

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Authorities in Fort Smith, Arkansas, said yesterday that they had arrested Carl Hagy and were charging him with misdemeanor theft after an incident at a local church.  According to the report, Pastor Fidelis Obidike of Destiny Global Ministries was familiar with Mr. Hagy, either because he was a church member or simply because he had sold a laptop to the church about two weeks ago.  So he was more than willing to sit down and pray with Hagy when he came to church last Friday asking for solace.

Obidike told police that when he opened his eyes, both Hagy and the laptop had vanished.

Investigators later found that Hagy had pawned the laptop and they used the shop’s records to track him down.  Hagy found himself miraculously transported to the Sebastian County Adult Detention Center, where, by the grace of God, he was somehow able to post bail.

Link:  Southwest Times Record
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