UPDATED: Lawyer Songs Reasonably Likely to Rock

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Josh Keesan's albumBerkeley Law School student Josh Keesan got some attention recently for his album, "The Law of Rock, Vol. 1."  "Put down your commercial outlines and treatises," says Josh’s website; "here, for the first time, you can learn complex legal doctrines through these digestible pop-rock gems:"

  1. Contributory Negligence
  2. Promissory Estoppel
  3. Raffles v. Wichelhaus
  4. Sherwood v. Walker
  5. Mens Rea

Attorney Larry Savell, a litigator, has also recently released a CD of "legal rock" songs, which he’s calling "The Lawtunes: Live At Blackacre."  This follows three previous holiday-themed albums on legal topics and is still a good stocking-stuffer (if you have CD-sized stockings, at least).  The CD includes a love song having to do with electronic discovery, and a new acoustic version of the song "Livin’ Life in Six Minutes."

The four LawTunes albums are available as a boxed set.

Link: Josh Keesan – The Law of Rock
Link: LawTunes.com