Elvis’s Pretrial Conference Goes Poorly

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Tip: if appearing in court for a pretrial conference in your criminal case, it is best to present a respectful demeanor and stay relatively low-key.  One should avoid, for example, showing up dressed as a late-model Elvis Presley, complete with sunglasses, rhinestone shirt and scarf.

Elvis Impersonator This may result in greater scrutiny, as it did for David Blaisdell of Nicholasville, Kentucky.  Nicholasville is in central Kentucky, about three hours from Nashville, and so not close enough to explain the Elvis attire.  If Blaisdell had driven up from Nashville for his hearing, that was also a bad idea because, as the greater scrutiny revealed, he was also drunk.  A judge-ordered test showed that his blood alcohol was twice the legal limit, which even in Kentucky is probably a lot.

Blaisdell, who is facing misdemeanor stalking charges, spent three days in jail for contempt of court.

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