Millionaire Claims Ghosts Caused Him to Flee His Mortgage, I Mean Mansion

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I wrote that post yesterday about Stambovsky forgetting that I also had this one in the pipeline.  I was sort of kidding about that case coming in handy for those who might need a reason to bail out of a deal or abandon a piece of property, but here we go.

The BBC reported that Anwar Rashid, a multi-millionaire who bought an English estate for 3.6 million pounds last year, moved out of it eight months later because of ghosts.  "I fell for its beauty," Rashid said of Clifton Hall, "but behind the facade it is haunted."  Rashid claimed he and his family had been terrorized by "mysterious figures," ghostly tapping and disembodied voices.  Their foyer would sometimes seem to lower and "stretch," as if it were a giant elevator, and they would then be led down a series of corridors past frightening portraits and scenes of a seance or ballroom, and later pestered by hitchhiking ghosts . . . oh, sorry, I’m thinking of the Haunted Mansion.  I guess I was just really bored by Plaque800
this guy’s lame-ass story and my mind started to wander.

Anyway, Rashid said that he wanted to stay in the house, pointing to the fact that he went to the trouble of hiring "paranormal investigators" in hopes of solving the problem.  But it was just no use.  "The ghosts didn’t want us to be there," he said, "and we could not fight them because we couldn’t see them."  I wanted to find out more about how he fights ghosts he can see, but he provided no details.  Ultimately, "[w]hen we found red blood spots [do they come in another color?] on the baby’s quilt, that was the day my wife said she’d had enough."  They fled, but only as a last resort did he stop paying the mortgage.

As a result, this week the Yorkshire Bank became the proud owner of an elderly Nottinghamshire mansion with some really boring ghosts in it.  Personally, I would expect these sorts of cases to multiply as the crisis deepens, and with any luck, future deadbeats will be a lot more creative than this guy.

Link: BBC News