Father Has Son Prosecuted for Laziness

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The Nigerian state news agency reported on October 17 that a frustrated father had hauled his 20-year-old son into court and asked that the boy be prosecuted for idleness.

The person who sent me this item said he has printed the story out for the benefit of his young children and posted it on their doors, but he is too kind for that.  I think.

Sama’ila Tahir was quoted as telling the court that he was at the end of his rope and that only a jail term might straighten the boy out at this point.  "He is not listening to words and he is bringing shame to my family," Tahir said.  "I am tired of his nefarious deeds.  Please put this boy in prison so that I can be free."  In my family, we got away with a lot, but whenever Dad said, "I am tired of your nefarious deeds," we knew he was serious.

The court was located in the town of Bauchi, in the northern and predominantly Muslim part of the country, and that might account for the relatively swift and severe justice that was meted out to the young man.  The court sentenced him to six months in prison and 30 strokes of the cane to be administered immediately.  That might cure him, but then again my sense is that somebody who does jail time does not necessarily leap forth at the end of his sentence ready to become a hardworking and law-abiding member of society.  I suppose if you add a good caning to the mix, it might be different.

Link: Reuters via Yahoo! News